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Stordalen Fjellstove (Mountain Lodge)
Bjørn West-vegen 180, N-5984 Matredal
Tel. +47 56 36 62 05

Billing address:
Stordalen Oppleving AS,
Bjørn West-vegen 180, 5984 Matredal
Tel. +47 56 36 62 05

Org. No.:  998 563 615 MVA
Bank account no.: 3632 57 90851

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Travel to Stordalen Fjellstove

Stordalen is situated only about 1,5 hours by car north of Bergen, and about 50 minutes from the ferry in Oppedal / Sognefjord.

By car:
Itinerary from Bergen

Itinerary from Oppedal
Itinerary from Voss

Express bus from Bergen to Sogn stops in Matre 5-7 times pr. day. Contact us for transportation to the mountain lodge.

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